1. Website
  1. What is this site all about?

  2. Who is an “Advertiser”?

  3. Who controls the prices on the website?

  4. Who controls Booking Policy for each property?

  5. Who controls Refund Policy for each property?

  6. How do I make sure the advertiser will not charge me more than what is mentioned on the website?

  7. Can I ask for a discount from the Advertisers?

2. Properties
  1. What is the standard of the properties listed?

  2. How often is the property serviced during my stay?

  3. How many people are allowed in each property?

  4. What is your check in and Check out time?

  5. My flight arrives early, when is the earliest I can check in to my chosen accommodation?

  6. Are the prices per person or per property?

  7. What is the minimum period for which I can book a property?

  8. How Far can I book a property from today?

3. The Booking Process
  1. How do I Book a Property?

  2. Can I change my dates after i have already paid and confirmed my booking?

  3. Can i ask for a refund once my booking is paid ?

  4. How do I make a Booking Request?

  5. How do I Contact the advertiser of the property before making a booking request?

  6. How do I know my request has been ACCEPTED or DECLINED by the Advertiser?

  7. My booking request has just got ACCEPTED, now what?

  8. How much time do I get for payment after my booking request is ACCEPTED by the advertiser?

  9. I am unable to pay within the time given to me by the advertiser, what should I do? I really need this property?

  10. The Calendar is showing the property is available, but when I made the booking I got declined by the advertiser?

  11. What if the calendar for the property I want shows that it is booked for the dates I require?

  12. How do I pay for my reservation?

  13. What forms of payment mode do you accept?

  14. What happens after I have paid full money?

  15. What happens if I cancel the booking after I have paid the Booking Deposit?

  16. What happens if I cancel the booking after I have paid the Booking Deposit + the Balance Amount?

  17. How do you pay refunds?

  18. How do I pay the Refundable Security/Breakage deposit?

  19. What do I do if I need a Visa for entry to Dubai?

  20. What Documents do I need to bring with me?

4. Landlords
  1. I am owner of a property and am interested to list my property with this site.

  2. How much do you charge for listing my property?

  3. What Kind of properties do you list on the website?

  4. I would like to list just a single room in my property. Can I do that?

  1. Do I have pay any other charges other than the mentioned in my booking?

  2. Can i ask for a discount ?