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Enjoying a Dubai Honeymoon in Luxury


After the wedding comes the honeymoon and sometimes the honeymoon may be a greater headache to plan than your wedding. The primary question on the mind of anyone planning a honeymoon these days is where to go. If you’re looking for something exotic – the Bahamas is an over-flogged cliché in the world of honeymoons , Cruises on the seas may get you sick after a couple of days and everyone is tired of jetting off to Europe because the excitement isn’t as much as it used to be. If you’re looking for exotic and fresh, Dubai might just be the latest place to try in the list of options. This new fun capital of the world has everything imaginable –from the beaches of the Bahamas, to the luxury shopping of Europe – you can find all this and much more in this magical Arabian city of dreams. Looking for accommodation is not a hassle as well but if you really intend to do luxury – Dubai self catering villas may be the option for you.

Dubai self catering villas offer you the luxury of a Mediterranean villa without the hassles associated with one. You can choose to be a celebrity for a week or a month all on with your partner without the associated worries about the weather or any other such circumstances. Dubai self catering villas allow you to live in such accommodations as if they were your own and you are often privy to a whole lot of options that you would not ordinarily enjoy in rental villas elsewhere.

Dubai self catering villas also offer benefits to potential honeymooners looking for a swell time in the Middle East. These villas cost a whole lot less than comparable property in countries in Europe and you can save a lot of money that can be used for something else and still have much more fun than you would if you chose to have your honeymoon in a place like the Bahamas. Villas in countries like France and Italy are very expensive and could leave you with a huge hole in your pocket if you don’t come prepared with a whole lot of money.

Dubai self catering villas aren’t strictly about the villas and the fun they provide honeymooners, you can have a whole lot more fun in Dubai. The Bahamas doesn’t provide the shopping options that Dubai does and cities in Europe with Villas such as Tuscany and St. Tropez are far away from shopping havens such as Rome and Paris. Most major manufacturers of electronic gadgets as well as fashion outlets offer their products in Dubai, not to mention the fact that you can get most of these items at dirt cheap prices compared to what you get elsewhere.

You can easily find out about most of the other attractions Dubai has to offer by searching the internet for other attractions in the great city. You can also find out more about Dubai self catering villas from websites that offer the rental of such accommodations to visitors to the country and the city.