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The International City represents a grand master plan for an 800-hectare site that already is foreseen as a major contributor to Dubai's growing reputation as one of the most significant commercial, financial and tourist hubs in the world. Inspired by the geometry of the intricately patterned traditional carpets of the Middle East, the master plan is reminiscent of the exuberant richness of oriental Islamic designs.

Upon completion, the project would accommodate 60,000 residents and countless visitors and reflect Dubai's cultural and economic diversity. The site occupies a strategic location at the crossroads of highways linking Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Oman, thus providing the opportunity for residential, mixed-use and commercial components, as well as a themed attraction. A consortium of Chinese investors interested in the project approached the client/developer, and with support from the governments of United Arab Emirates and the People's Republic of China, this project became a symbol of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

There are six major programmatic elements to the project:
Central Business District,
Dubai Gates,
the Dragon Mart,
the Residential Neighborhoods,
the Lake District,
and the Great Wall.