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About Dubai


Ideally located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is a fascinating place of fascinating contrasts, a distinctive blend of modern city and timeless desert of East and West, of old and new.

Dubai is an ultramodern city. In appearance it is clean, safe, and ultimately dynamic; a shrine to the ebb and flow of capitalism at its best. Very little which are obsolete remains and markets here tend to sell gold and electronics rather then more traditional goods.

It is hard to believe that at the beginning of the 20th century there were no roads, running water, electricity or hospitals in this city. Things have changed dramatically. Today Dubai has been transformed into a fascinating mix of modern hi-tech buildings and sumptuous traditional Arabic culture.

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. There is tight security and the people over Dubai are habited to obey the rules strictly. Majority of the population are foreigners. You can find almost all the nationalities in Dubai. Here you can see the fusion of different culture and diversity in the world. The locals and foreigners are educated, broad minder, and civilized.

Dubai as a major tour hot spot has beautiful white sandy beaches, beautiful sea, ultra modern hotel facilities that attract the tourists. The most stunning buildings are the ultra-modern hotels in Dubai, marked by daring architecture and world class amenities.

This is a city that hosts a golf tournament that has become one of the top stops on the PGA tour and one of the richest horse races in the world.

A City that proudly shows the tallest hotel in the world at 321 meters high - the elegant sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. A City that is aiming not only to be the most sophisticated in the world but to be the best in everything it has to offer.

Dubai is not about the past. Dubai is about the present and the future.